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Blast Chillers / Freezers

Product Features

43˚C Ambiant
Embraco / Danfoss
Forced Air
Defrosting by
Heating Element
Evaporated by
Hot Gas
R134a / R404a
  • No welding and polish on exterior surface of unit
  • 43o C ambient temperature, can be used in the hottest places
  • Monoblock refrigeration system, easy to take off for repairing and cleaning
  • Exterior & Interior of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • High density insulation, CFCs free, 75 mm of thickness, 40 Kg/M3
  • High speed fan motor ensures the cooled air be blowed to anywhere inside
  • Digital thermostat with temperature display, precisely set temperature for foods
  • Defrosting system by Time and Temperature automatically
  • Heated door frame to avoid water condensation (only for freezer)
  • Draining system inside for defrosting water
  • Reversible and self-closing door
  • Door gasket is easy to take off for cleaning and replacement
  • Wide round edges and corners for cleaning
  • Shelf size, 530×650 mm, suitable for GN 2/1 (Refrigerated Cabinets) & shelf size, 530×325 mm, suitable for GN 1/1 container (Refrigerated Counters)
  • Adjustable feet, up to 200 mm
  • Options: Castor

Product Highlights

feat_0007_High Power Cooling System
High Power Cooling System

High efficiency compressor

feat_0006_Smart Controller
Smart Controller

The pre-set cycles programs quickly ensures your products to be chilling or freezing

feat_0005_Strong Air Circulation
Strong Air Circulation

Big fan motor ensures quickly chilling and freezing to keep quality of foods inside

feat_0004_Food Core Probe
Food Core Probe

Precisely detects the core temperature of the products

feat_0014_Container Rack
Container Rack

Suitable container size
530x325mm & 600x400mm

feat_0013_Reversible and Self Closing Door
Self-closing Door

Thicken door handle with end cover self close to reduce heat loss

feat_0018_75mm Thick Insulation
Extra-thick Insulation

75mm thickness of insulation for better heat preservation, reduced energy consumption

feat_0015_Strong Magnetic Gasket
Strong Magnetic Gasket

Removable gasket for cleaning and replacement

feat_0012_Shelf and Guide, Round Edge
Round Edge & Corner

Food residue and water can be easily cleaned to reduce bacteria and guarantee the safety of food