Become a Dealer

Our Team

  • Design and R&D department
    brings the customer/consultant imagination to reality in order to suit their specific theme.
  • Planning and Production
    ensures equipment is manufactured using cutting edge technology with the best quality. Efficient management of 3Ms i.e., Material, Man Power & Money in this stage. Manufacturing within the stipulated time and in line with equipment design committed to the customers. We have adopted 5S’s method of manufacturing.
  • Supply Chain Management
    focusses on how products are delivered at what cost in order to ensure our customer enjoy the benefits of cost reductions. Specific Packing and Customer Branding is also undertaken.
  • Sales and Marketing Team
    will keep you abreast on the new products which have been introduced in the market. Any new inquiry is also met by our Team.
  • Quality Team
    comprises experts in the field who monitor the quality at all stages till it reaches the customer’s place. We learn and improve.
  • Post Sales – Services Team
    has its service network spread across the country to ensure our service has a good turnaround time and provide timely service so that no losses are suffered due to machine outage issues.
  • Post Sales – Customer Service
    We give a lot of importance to customer service and we gather customer feedback in order to ensure customer satisfaction is at the highest and also make improvements wherever it is required.

Our commitment is to add value to customer’s investment and bring a sense of pride on owning William Refrigeration products.