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  • Construction made of S/S AISI 304 Scotch Bright Finish
  • Revolving wheels with rubber buffers
  • Moulded and soundproofed shelves
  • Capacity 120 kgs approx. (Dining Room Trolley), 300 kgs approx. (Platform Trolley and GN Pan Trolley), 400 kgs approx.(Meat Trolley)
  • Bent tube handle with restraining corners
  • Baking tray holder arms made of stainless steel
  • Pairs of slide for pan 400×600 mm with stop block (GN Pan Trolley)
  • Introduction side 400 mm, Pitch of the guides 90 mm (GN Pan Trolley)
  • Hook holders bars made of Ø 25 mm tube (2 nos above + 3 nos in the middle) – (Meat Trolley)
  • Bottom removable waterproof tank with central drain (Meat Trolley)


  • var_0015_GN15
  • var_0016_IMG_4927
  • var_0017_B1400
  • var_0018_B1400
  • Baking trays holders GASTRONORM (GN Pan Trolley)
  • Baking trays holders
  • Shelf with handle (Platform Trolley)
  • For Dining Room – Two Level/Three Level
  • For Meat