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  • Made of S/S AISI 304 Scotch Bright Finish
  • 60.3 diameter cylindrical legs with Italian Make adjustable feet
  • Disassembled with easy but strong assembly
  • Lower shelf with reinforcement
  • S/S top 10/10 thick reinforced interior paneling and drip groove / 19 mm Thick PVC foam board
  • Top with Rounded stainless steel splash back (15x100h) – Optional
  • Side and rear reinforcing frame of cylindrical tube
  • Top with perimetral liquid-stopping edge and right hand/left hand welded drain hole diameter 212 mm (Selection Table)
  • With six pairs of frying pan guide tracks set at a pitch of 75 mm, with a stop pin at the back (Oven Base)


  • var_0035_NU16007
  • var_0036_AP16007
  • var_0037_AP16007
  • var_0038_AP16007
  • With lower shelf on legs
  • With U frame
  • With H frame
  • With gridded lower shelf
  • Oven bases
  • Selection